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School holidays are fast approaching! We will be open until the 22nd of December this year and reopen from January 11th 2017 to the end of the school holidays. It is a very fun and relaxing activity to bring the kids to a mosaic class. Beading activities are available for kids under 7, and glass fusing for kids over 10. To book, follow the link on the RHS of the page, or call Merryl on 0425 761 914.

Pic for overview of Merryl's Mosaicsowlbead cupcake for bead activityIMG_0032


Make one of these beautiful glass fusing menorah’s. Very simple! Though it looks so stunning.



Christmas gift ideas:

  • Our do it yourself mosaic kits which include cutters, glass, grout, template and instructions to make your own mosaic at home
  • Gift vouchers for classes
  • Glass fused Christmas tree
  • christmas tree
  • Snowman mosaic
  • Resized_20161119_115237

Meet Chris

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It is an exciting thing to be able to sell your art. Chris comes to the Studio so often she runs out of space in her home for mosaics! She decided to sell her latest [...]

Yom HaAtzmaut

May 29th, 2016|0 Comments

On Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day) in Israel, Merryl’s Mosaics hosted a project at Leibler Yavneh College to mosaic the map of Israel. The entire Junior School had a chance to join in on the mosaicing [...]

Casual Weekends

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Our casual weekend classes are starting to bloom. Pictured is Collin, Alannah and Sinead, who each made a piece last Saturday. The girls have been coming weekly on a Saturday after enjoying their time at [...]