Large Mosaic Templates

Large Mosaic Templates


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You have asked and we have delivered!

We have our most stylish large, extra large and extra extra large mosaic templates for sale on their own.

Tree of Life – Large 400x500mm

Tree of Life – Extra Large 480x580mm

Chamsa (hand) – Large 305x385mm

Chamsa (hand) – Extra Large 400x500mm

Lizard – Extra Large 260x600mm

Parrot – Extra Large 260x600mm

Mandala#1 – Large 326x350mm

Mandala#2 – Large 350x350mm

Mandala#3 – Large 350x350mm

Mandala#4 – Large 350x350mm

Dreamcatcher – Large 260x530mm

Peacock Wings Closed – Large 270x500mm

Peacock Wings Open – Extra Large 490x350mm

Monstera Leaf – Large 510x390mm

Elephant – Large 460x400mm

Butterfly– Large  470x360mm

Rooster– Large 460x490mm

Chandelier#1 – Extra Extra Large 570x630mm

Chandelier#2 – Extra Extra Large 570x630mm

Pineapple – Large 560x260mm

Sugar Skull – Large 440x310mm

Cutlery Knife – Large 80x600mm

Cutlery Fork – Large 95x600mm

Cutlery Spoon – Large 135x600mm

Pomegranate – Large 300×330

Rose – Large 370x500mm

Magan David (Star of David) – Large 430x430mm

Sukkah – Large 450x600mm

Mermaid – Large 310x580mm

Unicorn Head – Large 260x450mm

Yin Yang – Large 350x350mm


If you would like an outdoor piece – marine ply (there will be an additional cost)


If you would like a custom-cut shape, (there will be an additional cost)

please contact us at or text us on 0425 761 914.

Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 31 x 22 x 6 cm

Tree of Life – Large, Tree of Life – Extra Large, Chamsa (hand) – Large, Chamsa (hand) – Extra Large, Lizard – Extra Large, Parrot – Extra Large, Mandala#1 – Large, Mandala#2 – Large, Mandala#3 – Large, Mandala#4 – Large, Dreamcatcher – Large, Peacock Wings Closed – Large, Peacock Wings Open – Extra Large, Monstera Leaf – Large, Elephant – Large, Butterfly – Large, Rooster – Large, Chandelier #1 – Extra Extra Large, Chandelier #2- Extra Extra Large, Pineapple – Large, Sugar Skull – Large, Cutlery Knife – Large, Cutlery Fork – Large, Cutlery Spoon – Large, Pomegranate – Large, Rose – Large, Magan David (Star of David) – Large, Sukkah – Large, Mermaid – Large, Unicorn Head – Large, Yin Yang – Large