Mosaic Kit (pieces ready cut)

Mosaic Kit (pieces ready cut)


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A mosaic package complete with all you need to make your own mosaic at home!
Have endless fun making a beautiful mosaic, or give as a fantastic gift.
Kits are suitable for adults or children (7 years plus).
Younger children must be assisted by an adult.

Kits come with the following:
• one cut-out shape to mosaic (we have a range of shapes made of MDF board, all approximately 20 x 20 cm) as well as letters and numbers
• small mosaic glass tiles (pre-cut so that you do not need to cut anything) and gems
• mosaic glue
• grout
• gloves
• cotton tips to spread glue
• set of instructions

Ready-made templates include a rainbow, Babushka Doll, Owl, Elephant, Hamsa (hand) and Cupcake but we can make up any of our templates into kits.
There are about 70 templates to choose from.
If you would like a custom-made kit please contact us at or text (+61) 425 761914.

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Dimensions 31 x 22 x 6 cm