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Glass fusing involves firing glass in a kiln  until it reaches a temperature that the glass melts and melds (fuses) together. There are 3 basic levels of glass fusing: full fusing, when the glass melds completely into one; tack fusing when the glass looks like it is tacked together, and slumping, when the glass slumps into the shape of the mould that it is sitting on.

Glass fusing and slumping is a wonderful and exciting process. The skills and techniques are very similar to mosaicing because the glass looks and feels the same as the glass that we use for mosaicing, so we cut and prepare it the same way. (Actually mosaic glass is “cold” and kiln glass is “warm” meaning that it is designed to work effectively in a kiln.) But it looks and feels the same. So the transition from the one process to the other is  easy.

The glass is absolutely stunning in range and colour. The array of things you can make is limitless. You can make platters, vases, fridge magnets, jewellery, artwork for hanging and much more.

You can either learn to fuse glass by attending on of our Casual Glass Fusing Sessions. In these sessions you will gain a basic understanding of glass fusing and make your first piece.  Or if you want a more comprehensive understanding, you can attend one of our Intensive Glass Fusing Workshops which we run every 4 – 5 weeks on a Saturday. Click on link to Workshops on the RHS for details.

Once you have attended one of the 2 sessions described above, you can either attend more Casual Glass Fusing Sessions, attend one of our other Glass Fusing Workshops or book in to our Open Studio whenever it suits you to work on your next piece. Our rates are $25 per hour plus the glass piece that you make which we can quote for upfront. Glass is expensive, so the bigger the piece, the more it will cost.  There are many different things that you can learn, and we can tailor your sessions to teach you what you want to learn. Techniques are grouped by Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and you should begin with Basic for several sessions while learning (to avoid wasting too much glass). During that time you can expect to make several pieces, learn several techniques, learn to cut glass and come out with enough knowledge and know-how to feel confident making your own pieces. As you develop your skills, you can take on more sophisticated techniques.

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