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I offer Team Building Workshops for the Corporate Market where teams have a fun activity and spend a half or full day making a mosaic. Mosaic making is a very therapeutic, creative and gratifying activity and can be enjoyed by everyone. As a team building exercise it is a bonding and fun experience. I offer 2 options: Teams can either come along and each make a small mosaic as a fun-filled activity, or we can create a team mosaic with a pre-planned concept. For example we could create a Company Logo, or slogan, or a picture for the foyer.

Team Buildling Mosaic Workshops can either be half or full day sessions, can be run on-site or at my Studio, and can include a catering option. My background in management consulting and team building (I co-built and ran a management consultancy for 18 years), together with my mosaic skills and competencies combine uniquely to facilitate a successful Team Building Experience.

My Studio can accommodate up to 35 people. I have a beautiful and inspiring Studio/Gallery environment which comes with a gorgeous courtyard.

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