Custom Made Fused Glass

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My glass fusing pieces can be custom-designed to meet your unique requirements. Using the most stunning array of glass, I can make unique and gorgeous artwork. I make pieces for indoors and out. I also have a select range of ready-made pieces for sale. See Glass pieces for Sale.

Whatever you are after, I can design a glass fusing piece for you.

The Design Process

  • Call or email me and I will have a chat on the phone.
  • I will come to your home/business and assess the space. We will discuss your requirements and I will take photos of the area. You will gain an idea of costs, although this will be very rough.
  • I will produce a glass fusing concept which I will email or give to you.
  • If you like what you see, I will send you a proposal detailing costs and what you can expect. Once you have agreed to, and signed the proposal document, it will form a contract. You will pay a deposit.
  • I will make changes to the mosaic concept if required, get sample glass for your review. Once you are happy, I will then go away and produce the work.

If you are considering having a fused glass piece made:

1. Please email
2. Or text or call us 0425 761 914