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Glass Fusing for Casuals is offered to children from 10 years plus. Usually a more complex and expensive glass art, we have come up with a design technique that is simple, fun and affordable and produces beautiful results. This 2.5 hour activity brings a typically high end art craft to the public.

Fusing glass is when you take a base piece of glass, put a glass design of your choice on it, and then fire the 2 layers of glass into one piece. The firing takes place in a kiln which is like an oven for glass. Much like an oven, you set the kiln at different temperatures and get different outcomes. for example, the glass can be fired smooth, or textured. You can also choose to full fuse your piece into a flat piece, or slump the glass into a dish. The slumping process takes 2 firings.  You can choose what you want to make.

Glass fusing is an amazing and beautiful process. You will love it and be delighted with the results.

It is creative, fun and relaxing. Come and give it a go!

Cost: $55 per child for our standard size of 17cm x 17cm or equivalent amount of glass. Larger pieces with more firings will cost more and the addition can be paid for on the day.

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