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If you are looking for a creative outlet, but don’t necessarily have any artistic training, then mosaicing is the ideal art form. It is creative, meditative, satisfying and enables unique expression.   Learn to make beautiful mosaics for your home or garden.   Learn the skill of mosaic from design to completion. Discover the pleasure of mosaics, using glass, vitreous glass, reflective glass and glass gems. Choose from a wide range of products and wooden templates ( eg heart, cupcake, lizard, picture frame, pot, tissue box and many, many more), use some provided designs or design your own. Our mosaic workshops can accommodate beginners or experienced mosaicists. No artistic experience is required. All tools and basic materials supplied.

We run mosaic sessions in 4 ways. Whichever method you choose, we will teach you everything you need to know to make a piece that you will be proud of:

1. Casual Sessions  Attend as a casual for a one-off, 3 hour session. Cost is $80 for the 3 hour session, or $25 per hour after the first hour which is $30. Typically, to make a small piece takes about 1 session, although some people take longer. After that you would have made a small mosaic, learnt the process and had a fun and creative experience. Many people start this way, and then start coming as a regular after this. Although it is a casual session, you still need to book in.

2. Book in for a Class Book in a time to start classes. These classes are similar to casual sessions, but you get more personalised attention. You can either start learning with one of our designs, or you can bring a design of your own and start  a project. We help you by teaching you the skills you need to make your piece. Sessions are 2.5 hours long and cost $62.50. You book in a time to ensure that we have adequate time to give to you. If you have a particular mosaic piece in mind we would prefer to discuss the piece before you begin, as often we would need to enlarge the image (which we do off-site) and get a backing to fit. But if you are planning to come in and start with no project in mind, we have many things in store to choose from.

We are open 7 days a week, 10am – 5 pm daily, and also on Tuesday nights from 7pm – 9.30pm. Saturdays and Sundays are on a booking basis only, as we often run parties or full day workshops on weekends, so we need to be sure we are available for you.

Mosaic Classes run for 2.5 hours and cost $62.50 incl. GST per session all inclusive of tools, materials, and a regular size template.  Extra costs include the product you mosaic if not one of our regular templates (mirror, board, tissue box etc.) and enlargement of photo copy if required. If you choose to use some specialty glass there is a cost, and also if you choose to use our kilns (some people use kiln pieces in their mosaic). But otherwise the cost is all inclusive.

3. Intensive Mosaic Workshops  Every  4 – 5 weeks or so we run full day Intensive Mosaic Workshops for Beginners. These run over a full day and are usually on Saturdays. These are intensive, and are designed to impart a lot of information and practice in a short time. See our Workshops below and click on links for details.

4. One-on-one Sessions Some people prefer one-on-one sessions. These are charged at $75 per hour. You will have one-on-one attention and can learn whatever you like about mosaics.

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