Casual Classes

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Our studio is open to the public to come and make a glass mosaic any time on Saturdays and Sundays, as long as we don’t have a party scheduled in that time. This is exactly the same as what we do during school holidays, so you can book in during school holidays or in this section. 

  • Activity Glass mosaics from 6 years plus. This is a 2.5 hour activity where children create a mosaic from beginning to end and take it home. Making a mosaic is a very therapeutic, relaxing, creative and fun activity. Starting with choosing a template from many gorgeous choices (eg. pineapples, unicorns, cupcakes, cats, letters of the alphabet and many many more), then choosing from a gorgeous array of coloured glass and beads, children learn to cut their tiles and then stick them onto their template. Lastly they grout their piece and take it home. We help children who can’t cut their own tiles and provide assistance and advise to ensure that every child creates a piece that they are proud of.

Come and give it a go! Your child will love it!

Children under 8 should be accompanied by an adult.

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